Friday, March 27, 2009

Why twins are great. [A list of musings to remind me about the good things at 3:00am when they are both screaming...]

Having twins is hard. Really, really, REALLY hard. Who knew? Well, apparently everyone in my twins group, that's who. But there a few things that are made easier or better by having here you go:

1- potty training only happens once (of course, we are very far from this lofty goal)

2- the babies never get our undivided attention, so if we decide to have more, they won't be upset by it like a singleton is

3-you have a ready point of reference. As in, do all babies spit their food out and laugh when it nails you in the forehead? Hmm....answers Only the evil twin thinks it is funny.

4-there is always a baby willing to finish off the last of the bottle/baby food/crumbs on the high chair tray. [Here you go Pumpkin....Snugs is full.]

5- you can always try and pick the 'easy twin' when dividing up duties. Of course, that changes on a daily basis, so pick at your own risk.

6- clothes last twice as long. In our house when PumpkinHead out grows it, SnuggleButt is just about to grow into it.

7- it helps keep the backseat of your car free of clutter, as there is only room for the carseats back there. You don't even try to get anything else in the back.

8- you always have a baby to hold.