Sunday, February 20, 2011

Reece is All Smiles

Not much to say here - just loving every second of this little boy!

Reece's First Roll Over

Marking the calendar - Reece rolled all the way over on his own today.   He's 3 months, 2.5 weeks old.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Apparently the secret is getting out...

So we tried to keep it a secret. WE didn't tell anyone. HOWEVER, we live in a small town. A small, nosey, gossipy town. Apparently, quite a few people know - or think they know. They are asking. Hell, the freaking newspaper called and said...'so we hear you bought [a certain property]....can we talk?'

Well, since people know - and those that don't aren't reading my blog, I'll say it. We bought a house. At auction. For a steal. Yep. We did it.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


We have been waiting to hear what Grayson has to say for over two years. He is always watching, watching, watching - but never talking. (Gabe tends to steam roll his efforts and speak for them both.) But it would seem that we are having a bit of a speech explosion in our house! Grayson has started really making an effort to talk.

Last night as we were putting away toys he counted them for me 1-10! And he is naming everything he sees - purple dinosaur, white police car, Baby Reece, Daddy's home!, new Babby Babble, my blocks, pee-pee potty, baby's seat, mommy's chair, yellow banana....

I can't wait to hear more of what he is thinking.