Friday, August 20, 2010

Success! We think...

Well, it has been almost two weeks since Gabe's big potty announcement. It took about a week to go from starting, being naked, and then wearing big boy pants with little to know accidents. Gabe is doing all his business on the potty now and takes great pleasure in announcing that it is time to "dump the potty!", flush, and say bye-bye! to whatever we dumped. (Lovely, I know...)

Now Grayson is starting to be really interested in what Gabe is doing on the potty all the time. I don't know that he is ready, but he sure wants to think about trying. We are amazed at how few diapers only one little boy uses. It is like we are hardly doing diapers at all! (One baby is soooo easy!) Of course, we have #3 on the way - but it looks like we will not have all 3 in diapers at the same time, so that is a bonus we never dreamed would happen. Thanks to Mr. Gabe for deciding he wanted to be totally potty trained by his 2nd birthday.

Now we have to keep working on getting the toddler beds made and everyone settled in, getting the baby's crib and room ready, and keeping momma calm when she thinks about these sweet little boys starting preschool in a few weeks. ( makes me want to cry!)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Our first bull's eye!

After about 36 hours of Gabe wanting to 'pee pee in potty' and having no luck - it happened this evening! He kept running back to the potty and saying he needed to pee pee in potty - and then he did! There was much celebration.

Of course, he also peed on the floor and on a chair. So time to get the steam cleaner out and keep running back and forth to the potty. Maybe this is really going to happen???

So we went to the store and we bought pull ups and big boy underwear - which, for the record, are almost impossible to find for a skinny almost two year old.

Crossing our fingers :-)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Potty Training

It looks like the time is upon us. Gabe has decided that he wants to use the potty and not wear a diaper. This sounds great - but in practice it is not so easy! He wants to use the potty, but he has yet to actually manage to GO on the potty. He will hold it until the diaper is on him or he is running around!

We bought a second potty to put downstairs, so now we're potty ready up and down -- BUT we have hit an unexpected snag. Now Gabe as decided the potty is HIS potty and he freaks out when Grayson goes anywhere near it. I think we are very close to having to bit the bullet and go buy another potty (or two) so each one has their own potty on each floor of the house! Who knew this would be so logistically challenging??

So we are about to have to do the infamous calendar dance and pick a few days when we are both doing nothing but potty patrol. In theory (ha!) we should know if this is going to work in 3-4 days if we are fully committed to it.

I feel so out of my element! Kids should come with instructions!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"Safety Day" at the Town Park

We had big plans for today - and they bombed. I am so thankful that the kiddos are at that age where almost anything is exciting, because today really ended up being lame. The highlight of the morning was the trip to the grocery store - which they actually like quite a bit because they get to drive the silly race car cart around the store. They are turning the steering wheels and beeping the horns like maniacs the whole time and cackling like made men. After this little adventure we came home and did some snacks and a nap.

The big adventure that was planned for the day was actually a trip to the park for Strasburg's "safety day." There has been a flashing highway sign, a flier in the water bill, and fliers around town. seeing this much billed event and the promise of helicopters, K9 dogs, fire trucks, and more - I thought what the hell? I'll bite. I play local yokle and take the boys. (Never mind the weird fact that it is being held from 1-5 on a Tuesday.)

After the nap they get up and we have lunch (tuna noodle casserole, which they love! and broccoli, which they also love - we are so happy our kiddos eat real food :-) ) and start talking up this fun trip to the park. I change the diapers, pack the to go bag with spare dipes and juice, camera ready, everybody has on shoes, grab the single stroller because I know someone will want to be carried at some point and it just plain hurts now that my belly is so big, and load into the car.

We get to the park and there are several fire trucks (the ladder truck was clearly the winner of the afternoon as far as my guys are concerned) and a lot of Rescue Squad folks just standing around shooting the breeze with each other. No 'hello! how are 'ya?' - nothing. So we wander over to the police area. No dogs. No nothing. Just a whole bunch of cops sitting around shooting the breeze - again - no pleasantries. So I am looking, looking, helicopter(s).

BUT....there is a huge inflatable bounce house. Kiddos are only 2 - this will make it all OK, I think. Until we try to let them get on it and see there is no adult manning the thing and a small group of 5-6 preteen boys have taken over it and have pulled up the ladder and are being rather dangerous and totally clueless to the fact other smaller kids might want to actually get on the bounce, too.

We end up in the regular old playground, which thankfully makes the boys happy. As we are making our way to the playground I look over and see ALL the fire trucks leaving - but it is only 4:15 and this thing was billed as going until 5. Later, on the playground we see the police cars leaving, too! It is now about 4:45. Still not 5:00.

Really - how can a town advertise a "safety day" with all this stuff and a time frame and then simply not deliver on the vast majority of it? And leaving early? WTF? Doug and I have said we realized we were going to have to start doing some of this silly town stuff with the kids, but when you go through the trouble and they blow is hard to feel like trying again. And they wonder why so many people never support anything in town....

So I am pissed at the town, but grateful that the kiddos are little enough that it didn't matter to them. This will be a small window, I know.