Monday, November 22, 2010

Yep, we have climbers...

Grayson at work with Daddy. I don't know he got up there. I don't ask - it would just freak me out.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Reece is Here!!

Do I look peeved? Yeah, that is not your imagination. I was less than happy - I was happy that Reece was about to arrive, I was NOT happy that for 48 hours I was told I was NOT in labor and by the time someone actually checked my cervix for real I was 7 cm dilated and I had to hold still during contractions to have a spinal put in. This shot was taken after I went to hospital once with contractions 5 minutes apart and the Dr on call never even came to the room - instead she sent me home telling me to take Tylenol and drink water after giving me a shot to stop the contractions I was having. Then I went to see her the next day in her office and she told me the same thing again (umm..lady, contractions...I'm having them!) Later that night, after hours of laying in bed in pain and watching the clock realizing the contractions were getting stronger and closer and closer together, we woke up the boys, loaded the car, helped me get into the car (not an easy task), drove to Front Royal to the hospital (again), buzzed up to L&D who told me to walk on over...Yea, that isn't happening. Contractions 3-4 minutes apart people. I'm not walking anywhere!

Got some help with a wheelchair and made to the L&D floor. "OMG", says the nurse who checks me," you are 6-7 cm dilated! We needed to have you in the OR, like, an hour ago!"