Monday, September 17, 2007

Happy Day...the green shoes have been freed!

I love summer. I love hot, sweaty weather where you bake yourself in the sun and attempt to soak up 8 months worth of Vitamin D so you can make it through the long winter. So you would think it would make me sad when the weather turns to fall. But here is the weird part - there is one thing about the turn of the weather that I absolutely love. What could it be, you ask? My ugly woolly green clogs. I adore these shoes. They make me happy to the point of it being a bit unnatural.

I had a blue pair, but they eventually had to be put down. I glued the soles back on twice. The green ones I have now are still on their original soles, but they have cork...which has a limited life. I have decided that I have to be nice to the green shoes this season. That means no wet grass, very limited outside, and never, never wear them in the rain. It's a challenge, but it is worth it.

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