Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What happened to the last month!??!

I know, I know -- I am missing a complete month of posting! Well, life has been really busy and this got pushed to the side, and now that I look at my old posts, I feel bad about it! So I am going to go through my photos from the last few week (OK, months...) and try and recreate something of a time line.

Things to look forward to once I get it done:
Gabe is now walking
Grayson now has 8 (yes, 8!!) teeth
Little Gym is over
Babies have a new nanny (Ms. Patti) that they love
No more bottles, we are a sippy only family now
Pacifers are on the way out - they only live in the cribs now for naps and bed time.
Gabe is signing FAN and MORE
Grayson has mastered clap, clap, clap (so now we shake and clap!)
Both boys are loving their books and can point to pictures you ask about
and more that I will remember once I look through the pictures.

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