Sunday, April 11, 2010

Playing Outside and Helping Daddy

This weekend was absolutely gorgeous and we pretty much spent all of it outside. After a rather uneventful Easter - which kills me - it was always a great family time with grandparents and eggs and yummy food and fun when I was little - we were trying to at least get the Spring kicked off right.

It was in the upper 80's all weekend so we broke out the new toy of the summer. A big sand and water table. It was a huge hit. Now if we can just keep them from eating the sand and drinking all the water (eewww.) There was lots of fun to be had. They spent a lot of time cycling between the swings, the slide, the water table, and under the maple tree digging in pots, waving around sticks, chasing bubbles, and tasting all shapes and sizes of mulch. Doug taught them how to blow the seed heads of dandelions, which cracks me up because never in a million years would I have thought he would be OK with spreading the seeds around the yard. He's been on dandelion extermination crusade the entire time we have lived in this house!

Our lawn mower has seen better days, but Doug is still hanging on to it in some hope it will magically start to work properly. (I can't even describe how bad it is!) Since the grass clearly was in need of being mowed, Doug got out the tool box and flipped it up on end to try and somehow perform some magical feats to make it work better. Gabe immediately slipped in right next to Daddy, picked up some tools from the tool box, and got under the mower with him. There was banging, turning, socketing, and more. It was too funny. He would grab one tool, "use it", put it back and then go in for another. This went on for over half an hour.

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