Friday, August 6, 2010

Potty Training

It looks like the time is upon us. Gabe has decided that he wants to use the potty and not wear a diaper. This sounds great - but in practice it is not so easy! He wants to use the potty, but he has yet to actually manage to GO on the potty. He will hold it until the diaper is on him or he is running around!

We bought a second potty to put downstairs, so now we're potty ready up and down -- BUT we have hit an unexpected snag. Now Gabe as decided the potty is HIS potty and he freaks out when Grayson goes anywhere near it. I think we are very close to having to bit the bullet and go buy another potty (or two) so each one has their own potty on each floor of the house! Who knew this would be so logistically challenging??

So we are about to have to do the infamous calendar dance and pick a few days when we are both doing nothing but potty patrol. In theory (ha!) we should know if this is going to work in 3-4 days if we are fully committed to it.

I feel so out of my element! Kids should come with instructions!

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