Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Things we hear...

The boys are talking more and more and it is always interesting to listen in on the conversations they are having with each other and without us. They clearly love each other and find one another absolutely hilarious. Here are some recently over heard conversation snipettes and random replies from the boys:

As they were playing side by side at the coffee table:
Gabe: "Grayson, do you have stinkies in your pants?"
Grayson: "Yeah."

Gabe and Doug talking after a bath:
Gabe: "I think I have something in my ear."
Doug: "Is it dirt?"
Gabe: "Umm, no. I think it's a cow."

The boys were up in their room playing nicely after bath time, winding down and we hear:
Gabe: "I'M NAKED!!!!"
Grayson: Laughs uncontrollably.

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