Thursday, May 12, 2011

Playing the Yard

Yeah for nice weather! This week has been so nice - low 70s and low humidity. I got home as fast I could this week so we could play outside before dinner. Right now 'mowing the grass' has become THE thing to do in our back yard. The boys took turns pushing the mower around and making mower noises.

The early irises are also in full bloom right now - so they look great. Doug is trying to tag them by color so we can divide and move them at the end of the summer. We are running out of places to put them in THIS yard - so it is a good thing we have another 4 acres of yard on the other side of town. We have moved irises from Granny's in SC, to Orchard St, to Washington St, and now they are headed to Massanutten -- not to mention the thinnings we have done and just given away. We are populating a large portion of Strasburg with Granny's flowers. Pretty neat.

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