Friday, June 10, 2011

Gabe at the Big School

Gabe has been a bit jealous lately of the attention the baby gets - and it is making him quite the annoying little handful. First we had to get him to stop biting Grayson, but now he is "squeezing" him. I decided what he really needs is not another time out, but some 'just Gabe' time. So since I only had 3 kids in my first period class, and it is not looking like I will have many more today - I think a visit to the big school is in order.

First, we had lunch. He was a bit distracted by all the kids running around, but liked it. Then back to my room where we did a Lucky Charms counting and sorting (and then eating) worksheet. Followed by a little marker, glue, pencil, tissue paper art. When that got old we wandered down the hall to the preschool room. Jackpot! They had a neat little wooden train set and some foamy blocks.

With only minimal help in showing him how to put the tracks together, Gabe proceeded to build a train track, pull out the little trees and signage, and push his train around and around and around the track while saying "chugga chugga chugga" the entire time.

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