Friday, August 12, 2011

Grayson's Eye Surgery

So the time has come for us to make a decision about Grayson's eyes. We patched for the better part of two years, but as of late he had become totally unwilling to keep the patch on. He had even taken to squeezing his other eye shut and laying on the floor crying the whole time he was patched while trying to rip it off. Very upsetting for everyone in the house. He has never been willing to wear his glasses - as every time he puts them on his weak eye (the left one) pulls and pulses to the center so hard you can tell it must be hard to see/focus on anything.

So the doctor said it was time to do the surgery to align his eyes better. He was starting to favor his right eye so much he was afraid he was telling his brain to ignore the left one. This is so scary for me (being that I am going progressively more blind every year), but it seems like this is the best chance he has for getting his vision to cooperate.

This photo was taken in the prep room as we got him in the gown and little hat. He loved the hat - thought it was the best thing ever. He was in great spirits and cooperated the whole time. They let me walk him back and hold him while they put him to sleep. I was really impressed with the anesthesiologist. He started telling Grayson a story and incorporated the gas mask into the story so when he put it on his face he wasn't scared at all.

Since he has been asleep for surgery's before we knew it would not be as nice when we woke up. He is prone to night terrors - and the 'twilight' sleep state is not good for this little boy. Our recovery room nurse was not so great - she actually raised her voice at him and told him to stop crying! (Hello lady, he's two!!!)

He eventually pulled it together and we headed home. By the time we got home he was starting to be himself again - and within a few hours he was on the trampoline with Gabe like nothing happened.

I continue to be amazed at how easy going this little man can be. He takes all these challenges in stride and just keeps on plugging along.

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