Wednesday, April 24, 2013

There's Corn in There!

Sometimes I think we forget that our kids are still brand new in the scope of things.  Yes - I know the twins are almost 5, but really- they are still pretty much brand new.  There are a TON of every day things that are still mysterious to them.  There is still so much to be discovered.

I have recently fallen victim to looking though Pinterest for ideas for the kids and I am always seeing elaborate things that there is no way I can pull off in my current life situation. So I stepped away from the computer and decided that I needed to focus on the basics.  Cool things that are just everyday life things.

Enter - ears of corn still in the husk....

I sat the kids down at the table and handed them each an ear, and while we have had corn on the cob dozen of times, they had never seen me clean an ear of corn - so they had no idea what I had just given them!  Of course, they asked - repeatedly.  But I stuck to my guns and wouldn't tell them.  I told them they had to 'open them up' and find out.

The amount of concentration on their faces as they started peeling away the husks was amazing.  They were doing some serious exploring.

As they peeled away the layers there was lots of chatter - and when Grayson hit the silks he was very interested in the "strings" - what are they? what are they for? why are there so many?

When started to see the corn kernels there was immediate recognition and literally shouts of "It's corn!  It's corn!  Look, it's corn!!"

By the time we finished they had husked 6 ears of corn and then we put a big pot of water on the stove and we pulled up some chairs and they each carefully put their ears in to cook.  Needless to say, we had corn on the cob for dinner - along with the request that we do it again....tomorrow.

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