Monday, October 7, 2013

Catching up!

Wow, I am so behind in keeping the blog up to date!  I have not yet adjusted to life with the twins in school full time and I am really behind in everything these days.  I keep telling myself it will settle into a groove and things will be ok, but we haven't found the groove yet!

Here is a quick post about the complete cluster that drop off is in the morning at school for Doug.  The system pretty much is mediocre, but because of the complete lack of planning on the part of the folks that designed the parking and the car/bus lanes - it is a nightmare every single morning.  The kids have to be dropped off or park and walked across at least two lanes of traffic to get to the sidewalk!  Brilliant.  (Smack head.)

Because of this traffic nightmare, the school really wants kids to ride the bus - because the bus drops kids off on the sidewalk.  But here is the rub.  We live 3 minutes from the school.  3 minutes - seriously - but there are no sidewalks for half the trip. So we looked into the bus.  It is a K-12 bus. This means 5 year olds are on the bus with 17 year olds.  This is not good.  It gets better - we would be the first pick up of the morning, so my kids would be on the bus 45 minutes. And in the afternoon - we are the last drop off.  So again 45 minutes on the bust to go what is literally 3 minutes from our house by car.

So Doug fights the traffic everyday to drop them off and we pay our nanny to fight the traffic every day to pick them up. The pick up is no better.  It requires you get out of the car (with Reece in tow) go into the building, sign in with ID, go down a hall to the holding area, get the twins from the madness, then take all three back out to the car - crossing the multiple lanes of traffic.  EVERY SINGLE DAY.

And was raining.  So the adults weren't outside helping unload cars and shuffling kids across the traffic!  So Doug parked the car, walked the twins in, then stood in the rain and helped unload kids for half an hour - and Reece helped.  Reece worked for permission to jump in puddles until he was soaked.

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