Thursday, January 2, 2014

Chilling with Grayson

It's time for another overnight trip to UVA with Grayson.  Even though this involves going one doctor to another to another - he loves it.  Leading up to the trip he kept asking when we were going to go to the "show and tell--" (hotel.) For reasons only a 5 year old can understand, staying in a hotel is the BEST thing ever.  His favorite things about the hotel are the unlimited access to the tub (he stayed in for over an hour!) and getting to use the iPad all by himself.  We packed snacks and just spent some quiet time together after a really busy day.  

He also thinks the second bed is for him to put his "stuff," because he is thrilled with the fact he can sleep in the big bed with me.  
Other exciting things about this trip - getting to go to a restaurant.  Of course, he gets to do this at home - but going all by himself with Mommy makes it super special.

While I don't really like having to travel and spend two days visiting various doctors - I do enjoy the time spent with Grayson by himself.  Without his brothers around to compete with his super sweet personality really shines.  The meltdowns and "grumpy" fits are pretty much non-existent. 

I love him so much :)  I hope he stays this sweet forever.

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