Friday, March 9, 2012

Closet Rehab Plan

After having some success with the 29 day organization challenge and getting most of my living room / dining room back, I decided to tackle another trouble spot in the house.  The one closet upstairs that Doug and I share and have to rotate our clothes through every season.  Since having the limited time for the February challenge really helped 'make it happen,' I decided to give myself a new deadline - two months, so May 9th.  I think a little more time is needed because I am going to have to purge clothes that are currently in the closet AND clothes that will be brought down as we make the change of the season.

Here is what I am hoping to accomplish:
  • a major purge of clothes I haven't worn in years (and get Doug to do the same)
  • removal of any clothes that are in need of repair, because let's be honest - while I know how to do it, it isn't going to happen given our current life
  • I want to get some closet organizing stuff - because right now we have one hanging bar and three shelves, and that's it
I know this is going to cost some money to pull off, but I have been hating this closet for the 9+ years we have been living in this house.  It makes no sense that we have not tackled this problem area.  

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