Friday, March 2, 2012

Is that a Cheerio up your nose?

I decided a picture really wasn't in order for tonight's post.  The boys decided they needed a little snack before heading upstairs for a bath and bed so we were in the kitchen and they asked for cereal.  Gabe was eating Life (he calls it tasty squares) and Grayson was eating Cheerios.  I turned my back to them and was cleaning the counters when I heard Grayson ask Gabe why he couldn't get the Cheerio out his nose.  This got my attention!

So I turned around and went over to Grayson, who had is finger wayyy up his nose, and asked him if he had put a Cheerio up his nose.  He silently nodded yes.  Geez.  OK - but then I thought he may not be telling the truth, it could just be his finger.  So I ever so gently reach over and put my fingers on either side of his nose to see if I can FEEL something crammed up there - and it crunches.  Crap.  There is a Cheerio up there.

As I am trying to get the now crunched Cheerio out his nose (we are not going to the ER to have this thing extracted - I am going to get it out myself even if it means we knock him out with Benadryl and I use long tweezers), I hear Gabe behind me ask why he can't get the tasty square in his nose. 

OMG.  Why would a child cram cereal up his nose??  

I finally get the Cheerio out with much squirming and grossness only to see Grayson try to cram ANOTHER one up the other side of his nose not 5 minutes later.  I cannot fathom how this is funny,  fun, or in any way a good idea - and yet, they both thought it was riot. 

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