Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Little Blue Truck

I've been lurking around again on the Play at Home Mom site to get summer ideas for the boys.  I am always amazed at the "invitations" they set out for their kids to discover and explore.  When I saw this one, I thought it was about time I tried it!  My kids love the book Little Blue Truck, and I had a sleeve of farm animals tucked away for a rainy day.  So I set up their little table with the book, some trucks, some farm animals, and a big mud puddle and waited to see what would happen.

This particular invitation was really interesting to Gabe.  He spent about 40 minutes at the table arranging the animals, gathering other things from his shelves to add to the story, and making up a story line of his own.  It was really fun to watch/listen his play evolve.  I'll have to do this again!

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