Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weekend Project

Painting the frog face 
  This weekend Doug decided to make a little Adirondack chair for the boys.  Of course, he'll have to make three so they don't fight over who gets to sit in it -- but this weekend was the first attempt.

The amazing thing is that he actually managed to get the entire thing done in one weekend!  This never would have happened a year ago, so maybe we'll survive after all :-)

AND, not only did he get it built, he got it painted.  I expected it to just get painted a solid color - but he decided to paint it like a green frog.

This was pretty fitting considering Reece's favorite 'snuggy' right now is a Melissa and Doug pull along big green (wooden) hoppy frog.  He insists on having it in his lap when he reads, in his bed when he naps, and he tries to gives it pacies.  If not very snuggable, it is very cute.  (OK, it's a bit weird, too - but cute.)

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