Monday, July 23, 2012


Recycled Crayons!
I've been looking online for ways to make recycled crayons that are a little better than my first attempt.  I came across a page that suggested just melting them in the small batches and pouring them into little silicon ice molds.  I didn't have any luck finding small silicon molds - but I did find some star shaped candy molds that seemed like a good size.

I grabbed the box of ever smaller crayons and set out on a mission.  I took any pieces smaller than 1/3 the original size and grouped them by color (all shades of blue, green, red, etc.) and got a little microwave dish out.  I out all of one color group in the dish and zapped it on about 70% power for a little over 2 minutes.

When I pulled the dish out it was screaming hot -- and the crayons were melted!  There were a few little chunks, but when I stirred it they melted right in.  I poured the melted crayons into the molds, left them on the counter, and in about an hour I had new crayons!  The best part was that I could do a little batch whenever I was in the kitchen doing something else.  No big time commitment.

I'm really happy with these little crayons.  They color really well and are easy for everyone to grab - even Reece.  I do love when something easy turns out so well :D

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