Saturday, August 4, 2012

Just hanging out...

 This has been an incredibly short summer with really weird weather.  These things together have meant we have had very little pool time at our house, which is a real bummer.  After weeks of meetings/conferences/etc. we were finally able to get the kids in the pool again and it was so much fun.  I had the twins in a few days earlier when I was home with them and didn't get any pictures because I thought I'd be hanging on to them the whole time.  I was soooo wrong!

All of a sudden these two little boys have turned in to pool masters.  I couldn't wait for Doug to see how far they have come with their level of comfort and ability over the summer.  They were jumping off the side, swimming across the pool with their little jackets on, kicking around on their backs, and having a great time. 

Doug was shocked at how good they were!  They wanted everyone to stand on the side and watch them jump so they could see them (not jump on them, like at the beginning of the summer!)

After some pool time, they all (Doug included) ended up in a tree.  My little boys are turning into "real boys" right before my eyes.  This summer has really been fun to watch them become more and more independent and try new things. 

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