Monday, September 24, 2012

Meal Planning Monday - Back on the Wagon

I have totally fallen off the meal planning wagon, and it shows in the quality of our meals these days.  Our life is so freaking chaotic and crazy with all the things three little boys entail - I figured I have to get back to this or will simply not survive!  (OK, the boys will, we feed them - but Doug and I are another story.)

I will link up the recipes as soon as I get a chance.  

So this week I am planning on making the following meals:

  • Big Taco Salad
  • Chicken Saltimbocca
  • Sauteed Kielbasa with root veggies
  • Something with Tofu - just not sure what
  • Homemade  Pizza Night
  • Frittata with Veggies (anything left over or in need of being used up at the end of the week), Salad, and Rolls

This past weekend I made some snacks in advance for the week, two loaves of bead, canned about 40 pound of tomatoes, and made a protein side dish to take in packed lunches:

  • Whole wheat bread
  • Rolled cinnamon and raisin breakfast bread
  • Blueberry oatmeal bars (for the kiddos)
  • Honey Lentils (packed lunch protein)

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