Monday, September 3, 2012

The Buick Refuses to Die

The Buick absolutely refuses to die.  I keep thinking - this is it -- finally! But no.  It just keeps hanging on.  Today Doug needed to get the Roll Back so he could take the Buick into the shop and have the brakes checked, as the brake lines leaked out all the fluid last month and now we need the third car for kiddo pickup.

So the Roll Back is called in, the Buick is loaded, the chucks are pulled out from under the tires and...well, the Roll Back did just that.  It rolled.  Back.  And over the 8 foot retaining wall.  With the Buick on it.
Sigh....  and was the Buick injured?  No.  Was the Roll Back - ummm, yeah.  So a BIGGER Roll Back was then called upon to get the first one (with the car still on it) from the dangling position it was in over the wall.  Many, many hours (and an ulcer on my part -- but great fun for the boys and a large portion of the neighborhood) later the Buick was on the Roll Back, which was on the Roll Back.  
Welcome to what it is like to be married to a Bowen man.

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