Sunday, October 21, 2012

Gabe's Nature Walk and Reece in a Pot...

Gabe went walking through the woods with Doug today while the other two boys took a nap.  He loves to be in the woods, under the trees where it is "so pretty and quiet."

He brought me back some things he thought were pretty during his walk - a piece of petrified wood and some osage oranges.

He's a pretty cool kid.

And not to make anyone think our life is all quiet / reflect boys that love nature, I give you - Reece.  Stuck in a pot.  Yes, I went and got a camera and took a picture before I helped him out.

This is the only shot I for where he wasn't looking at me yelling for me to help him out.  You can see Grayson's legs in the background - he kept asking him, "Reece, are you stuck in the pot??"

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