Thursday, October 18, 2012

Reece the "Tire Man" and tucking in the Owl

Today there was a tire incident.  Not on a car, but on the log splitter. Doug had to leave the log splitter at the school, take off the tire, go to the hardware store, fix the tire and go back to the school to replace said tire.  (Whew!)  Reece thought this was GREAT fun and really did think he was in charge of the whole process.

He carried the tire though the store and was rather adeptly using the hole repair kit.  (He also seems to be seriously considering be left handed.  That would make two out of the three - yikes!)

And after this busy, busy morning of tire repair, he felt his owl needed a nap, for certain.  So he tucked him in, because that is what you do, you know.  And if the owl was tired, the ladybug probably was, too...

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