Saturday, November 24, 2012

Not a chance...

First, they each made a pizza
Gabe is driving a bulldozer on his.

Then, they announce "3 little boys all in a row!"

Not a chance of quiet in this house.  My friends with little girls have no idea.  No quiet playing with dolls, no coloring at the table, no crafty cuteness, etc. here.  Nope.  Even coloring often ends up being a contact sport.  We wrestle. We run.  We shout and laugh at the top of our lungs while chasing each other wearing masks and making "chomp, chomp" noises.  Then switch who wears the mask and repeat.

This motley crew of little boys has started to roam the house like a pack of animals.  They go from room to room, activity to activity, as a single, loud, messy unit.  

And don't think you can single one out.  Oh noooo.....that will result in a chorus from the others : "Don't do that to MY BROTHER!" 

And now we are upstairs being loud - but having tons of fun.
These pictures span about a 2.5-3 hour time frame.

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