Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rough Day

Poor Reece-man. After what started off as a perfectly good day -- and ALMOST ended that way - there was a finger smooshing incident.  He got his little hand run over by the bay door at the hardware store just minutes before it was time to go.

So the day ended in a trip to the ER, x-rays (appears not to be broken), the removal (yuck) of two of his fingernails because the nail bed was so damaged, and a splint.

Sleeping in Mommy's bed after a rough afternoon.
Now we wait (and wait and wait) to see if his nails will grow back 1- at all and 2- if they do - are they somewhat normal.  The Dr. said he wasn't sure what would happen since the nail bed was so damaged.  (And then he added, at least he's a boy so it won;t matter so much.) What?  I hope we haven't damaged our sweet little boy only a few weeks into his second year!

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