Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Making Ornaments

Once again, I am borrowing ideas from the Play at Home Mom blog and trying some of their activities with the boys.  A few weekends ago I bought a bunch of random little Christmas trinkets and some clear plastic globe style ornaments.  Now that everyone has recovered from the stomach bug that knocked the whole house on it's butt, I decided to give this activity a try after school today.

I set out all the goodies on the table and invited the boys to come and see.  I showed them how to get the salt (snow) in the globes and then told them they could put what ever they wanted in them.  This turned out to be a GREAT activity.  They were very engaged for over 30 minutes.  If I had had more ornaments to fill, they would have kept going!  Once they ran out of materials they were very excited to hang their creations on just the right spot on the tree.

When Doug got home later in the evening, they both raced over to tell him that had made "Beautiful Ornaments" for the tree and wanted him to come over and see what they had done.

I'm pretty sure we are going to have to do this again.

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