Tuesday, December 4, 2012

One week later...

Well, it has been one week since Reece mangled his fingers at the store.  The doctor at the ER told to have him wear the splint for 5-7 days then take it off.  Reece is still really, really worried about the state of his fingers and/or having anyone touch them - but we did manage to have him go without it after his bath.

He still doesn't want you to touch his hand at all, so I snapped this picture after he was asleep ;)  The little red dot is where they gave him the digital block in the ER.  No nails on the middle two fingers.  :(

And to further make me feel like a terrible mom, yesterday while brushing his teeth I noticed that his front right tooth was ever so slightly grey!  (Holy crap!)  I have no idea when he bumped it hard enough to make this happen, but clearly he did.  After a Google search (note to self - this is never a good idea) and a night stressing over it, I called his dentist first thing in the morning.  They told me it was a bruise, not a big deal if it wasn't loose (it isn't), and that at worst it will be a little discolored.  Whew.

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