Monday, July 6, 2009

Another One Baby Day!

Today was a another "one baby" day. I had a nice day with Grayson today, but somehow I didn't manage to take any pictures! We went over to the red house to show it to some possible renters. Grayson had never been there - and the house was empty - so he had a great time shouting and babbling the entire time we were there because it was loud and echoed a bit. The family thought it was funny, too.

By the time we got home Doug and Gabe had already left for work. We played on the fllow a bunch and then had lunch. It was really nice to get to give all my attention to one baby - I always worry that one is feeling left out - so this was really nice. Grayson decided it was time for a nap after lunch. He was so sweet and snuggly. It was really hard to put him down. I wanted soooo much to just snug up with him in the bed and take a nap, too.

Grayson had PT in the afternoon - and he had a good time playing with Jen. He is coming along nicely and is always so happy to do whatever we want him to do. I feel so lucky that he is so good natured and happy almost all the time. What a sweet little boy.....

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