Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Just another day...

at the Bowen house! Today was our crazy Wednesday schedule where I try to pack in way too much in one day. We started with breakfast on the porch - I don't know what we are going to do when we can't feed the boys outside this winter!

After a quick breakfast we packed up into the car and headed for the Little Gym class. What really sucks is that I am now paying for a young lady to come with me to help me so both boys can enjoy the classes that I am paying through the nose for. The good thin is that they clearly had a good time - more fun than last time because they got to do more since there was one grown up per baby. Grayson has really taken to the "shake, shake, shake your bells" song. He LOVES to shake them and make lots of noise. They both have some Madi Gras beads I brought home from school that they will get going on the hardwood floors in out foyer and shake them until you can barely hear anything. They think it is riot.

Gabe really liked climbing the stairs (no shock here, it is new favorite thing to do) and hanging and bouncing on the rings. The class wipes them out and they fell asleep in the car before we were even out of the parking lot!

We had a nice lunch, outside again, and then CB got to the house and watched them for almost 3 hours so I could go to Talbot's (big sale + birthday discount - woo hoo!!) and the grocery store. This was nice - but again, it pains me that I pay someone to sit in my house while they sleep! Oh well... After she left I had another interview for help when school starts. I really liked the lady so I hope it works out. I know Doug needs to get some work done and I also know that we can't keep the kids at the store every day. They need to be playing, being played with, and learning new things. It would be a disservice to let them just stay in the office everyday.

We were already having dinner when Doug got home tonight. After the boys finished eating Doug played with them before they totally crashed. It was a jam packed day - but it was tons of fun for them - and that is what matters.

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