Thursday, July 9, 2009

Big Day!

Today was a big day, which in retrospect seems odd, as we spent many, many hours of it in the car coming and going to Ashburn for Grayson's eye appointment. So the big things for today were:
  • Grayson's eye seems to be getting better. The doctor wants us to continue doing the patching 3-4 hours a day for another 2 months and then come back. This is GREAT news, as the first doctor we saw offered us no help except to tell us we needed to schedule surgery. We may be able to avoid the surgery all together - and if not, at least make it a much less drastic one. We are going to get that stupid patch on him if it kills us!

  • We had lunch at California Tortilla - with no baby seats, no car seats, and no baby food. Yep. We each held a baby on our laps up to the table and they split a cheese quesadilla right off the menu and Gabe decided he really like tomatoes and he ate a bunch of salsa. We survived it, made very little mess, and the boys seemed thrilled. Cool.

  • Once we were home we watched Gabe test his balance over and over again - standing up and letting go of his support. This went on for over an hour, then he started letting go and thinking he could just point himself towards whatever he wanted and go! Of course, he always fell as soon as he picked up a foot, but still - the boy is thinking about walking. I thought we had MONTHS before this was going to be an issue.

  • And lastly, Grayson has been drooling up a storm for several weeks and tonight I had him on the floor tickling him - so I got a big gummy grin from him. And what do I see in that big grin? I see a little white bump of his top left front tooth! He is cutting his top teeth!!! He will be so happy to be able to bite into things, I know.
So there you have it - no baby seats, table food, balancing and trying to walk, and cutting more teeth...and they aren't even 11 months old yet. Somehow we thought they would be little "babies"a lot longer than it appears is the reality. They are growing up too fast!

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