Friday, December 23, 2011

Cookies for Santa

This year the boys are all about Santa - Grayson in particular.  We aren't really sure where this fascination came from, but there is no denying it is happening.  This made me think back to something that I did as a child every year that was a great Christmas tradition I looked forward to.  We would always decorate sugar cookies at my Mimi's house.  She would make the cookies then set us up at a card table in front of the TV showing the holiday movie of the night and we would use frosting in red, green, and white and sprinkles and colored sugar, etc. to decorate cookies until our hearts were content.  I remember eating a lot of them and feeling pretty cruddy - but always loving the decorating.

So we decided to make sugar cookies and let the boys decorate some to leave for Santa.  This turned out to be great fun.  I really had thought Gabe would just eat his cookies, but I was totally wrong.  Grayson ate two before he actually decorated one.  They spread icing, sprinkled sugar, and had lots of fun.  We set them aside for Santa and they were really excited.

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