Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rainy Day at the Discovery Museum

Today was an exciting day for the boys, but a rather bitter sweet one for me.  Today we had their nanny take them to the Discovery Museum after morning preschool.  This had been something fun I did with them last summer and when on maternity leave in last fall.

So last night I spent lots of time talking it up (they were pretty excited), only to have them ask me if I was going with them :(  and there is the rub.  I had to say no.  They really didn't understand why.  So I packed their picnic lunch, the quarters for the meters, the membership card, and the someone else could watch them have fun while I work.

Now that they are getting older they are asking me everyday - are you going to stay home?  Don't go to work!  Stay home with us!  It breaks my heart, it really does.


The report is in - they had a blast.  No pictures were taken :( but they had tons of fun and behaved well enough that the offer to take them again was made.  Grayson told me all about going up, up, up the ladder to see the beehive.  He also informed me he drove the ambulance, made phone calls, and saw a snake eat a mouse.  Now Gabe wants to know if he can eat mice, too.

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