Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Where's your Mommy?

So Gabe almost made me cry tonight.  I had to work hard not to.  We were reading, of all things, The Belly Book.  There is a picture in it with a pregnant lady with short blonde hair like mine.  This always leads to the question - was I in your belly?  They know Reece was in my belly.

So we are reading and Gabe starts the usual questions -
  • was Reece in your belly?  (yes)
  • was I in your belly? (yes)
  • was Grayson in your belly? (yes)

and here is where it took a new turn...

  • was Daddy in your belly?  (no.  He was in MeMaw's belly)
  • who's belly were YOU in? (uh-oh...I can tell this is going to be unpleasant for me...I was in MY Mommy's belly.)
  • Oh.  Where's your Mommy? (Oh crap.  I feel tears.  She's far away.)
  • Really far?  Where? (I don't know, Gabe.  But it is really far.)
  • Is she going to come back? (ummm... I don't think so, honey.)
  • Why?...

At this point I think Doug realized I was upset so he diverted Gabe's attention.  So the question is - how/when do try and explain that my Mommy is dead?  Won't that make him worry I will be dead?

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Concrete Girl said...

This makes me so sad :( A little girl who is not my niece, but calls me aunt because I've been in her life since birth, asks these same questions because HER mother died when she was very young. Did your mother die young? I don't know how 3.5 year olds take things like this because it's such a delicate subject, but I know with Katelyn, sensitive honesty always worked with her.