Sunday, June 28, 2009

Captian Crabby Strikes Again

Today we had a lot planned. First, we were off to a birthday party of fraternal twin boys from our twin group (they turned 5 - hard to imagine we will make it that long!) The plan was to then go to the water park with all the little boys, but Grayson had other plans. This little boy refuses to sleep. This makes for one crabby little boy.

He only slept 40 minutes this morning, so that set the tone for a melt down around 1:30. We could barely get him to eat anything and he ended up falling asleep in the car after almost 30 minutes of crying :( Only to wake up when we brought him in the house (ugh!) Poor little guy refused to go back to sleep and played up a storm. He did get to eat dinner, but again, fell asleep while eating it. The only time we can get him to hold still is in the high chair! And then he falls asleep.

I hope he sleeps tonight, as we are just as tired as he must be.

Captain Crabby strikes again. Luckily it doesn't happen all the often, but it does - watch out!

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