Monday, June 29, 2009

Exciting Day and Busy Evening

I found out today that a new member of my twins club had her babies today - 2 boys! Add that to my two boys, Tracey's two boys, Stephanie's triplet boys, and Melissa's two boys and we have enough little boys to field a team of almost any sport! How odd that we are a club of so many boys. I've been trying to call her for about 45 minutes to set up a time to take her lunch at the hospital, but I keep getting an 'all circuits are busy' message. Very odd.

On the home front, we had a fun evening. Doug got the boys home before 6 and we all had dinner together. This is still a new and only moderately successful, but we are trying. The boys are getting more and more independent with their eating, so we can 'kind of' eat at the same time. The bonus to this is that it finds us an extra 45-60 minutes in the evening after they are in bed, because we usually make and eat dinner after they go to bed.

Since we were all fed before 7:00, and it was warm out, we decided to end the night with a dip in the pool. So we all suited up and spent some time floating with the babies. We are going to the lake later this summer and really want them to like the water, so we are trying it out ahead of time. They seen to have a good time. We spent about 40 minutes playing and then they got all snuggled up in warm towels, back inside with warm PJs and a bottle.

It was a great evening.

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