Thursday, June 25, 2009

Strip Them Down and Feed Them Spaghetti-o's

The boys are getting more and more independent and we knew we had to do it at some point...give them their own pasta and let them just have at it. We've been eating outside on the porch since this Spring, so we figured 'no time like the present!'

Pumpkin here thought this was the most fun he had seen all day. He ate lots and lots of "O's" by stabbing his finger in the hole. Of course, as he got less and less hungry he got more and more entertained by the lovely red sauce...until it was all over his face.

We finished the event by splashing in the little baby tub on the porch.

[Snugs seems to be teething and wasn't really "in" to dinner tonight. He opted for a bottle and went to bed early. We'll try again this weekend with him.]

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