Monday, October 17, 2011

Meal Planning Monday : Oct 17

So we have a short week in the Bowen house this week because we are taking our first ever road trip with ALL THE BOYS.  We are loading up and heading some 8-9 hours south to go to our college homecoming.  Actually, we are going to help raise money for our society's historical hall that has been sorely neglected AND to raise Holy h3!! about the recent turn of events at our alma mater.  So with that said, here is the plan for the week:

Monday: Grilled fish, roasted baby red, white, and purple potatoes, and steamed brussel sprouts
Tuesday: Pasta with homemade pesto and grilled chicken
Wednesday: Freezer Soup - Navy Bean soup and homemade cornbread
Thursday: Clean out the fridge / left overs night
Friday: leaving early, early in the AM and driving.  I will be packing a picnic lunch for us to eat at a rest stop so the boys can get out and run around.
Saturday: Fundraising BBQ dinner for the Philo's
Sunday: Drive home and probably just order something - because we will be exhausted!

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