Saturday, October 15, 2011

My children are pot heads

I don't know what the fascination is, but all my boys like to wear pots on their heads.
  • Big soup pots - check.  
  • Little pots with handles - check.  
  • Colanders (ok, not really a pot, but they live in the pot drawer) - check.
I think it is my husband's Y chromosome.  This is just not the sort of thing girls go around doing.

All it takes is one of them to go get a pot and the other ones tear off to the kitchen to get their own. I wish I had gotten a video of Gabe with the pot. (Alas, on the picture was snapped.)  He was walking around with this pasta pot on his head - totally unable to see where he was going - and running into walls, door frames, etc. Laughing. 

And more recently, they have taken to wanting their parents to be pot heads with them.  (Here Mommy, put this on!) Today Gabe put this pot right on Doug's head with out even asking (that will teach him to lay on the floor where they can reach him!)  He walked right up, plopped the pot over Doug's head and proceeded to "play" Doug's head like a drum.  (I'm making music, Mommy!  Hear it? Hear it?!)

Yep.  My kids are pot heads.

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