Sunday, October 16, 2011

Paint, plaster, paint some more...

No more ugly center line yellow!
We keep on plugging away on the never ending project that is the Hupp Mansion.  (How ridiculous is that name for a house?)  We decided to tackle rooms one at a time, starting downstairs.  First, we painted over the horrid center-line yellow in the den.  It was sooo ugly.  I don;t know that we are in love with the color it ended up - so more paint may be in its' future, but it IS better than the color it started out.

Looking back the other way, in the distance you can see the scaffolding in the dining room...

The dining room is our current project.  We've been working on it a few weeks.  The center part of the house really was all just kind of beige - and not well painted in the first place.  We found that before we can even begin painting, we have to remove about 20-30 nails PER ROOM from the plaster walls.  (Some places had 6-8 nails being used to hold up ONE frame.)  Of course, this means holes that have to be patched.  Also, the house is over 200 years old.  Plaster cracks.  So there has been a right substantial amount of plaster repair going on.  We also had that pesky 5.4 earthquake a month or so ago.  Yep.  New cracks.

The dining room has been painted, plastered, patched, painted some more - sanded, trimmed out, and did I mention painted?  We are getting close.  Of course, we haven't touched the windows or the doors yet.  That is something that is just going to have to wait until spring.

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