Monday, October 10, 2011

Menu Planning Monday : Oct 10

So groceries have gotten out of control in terms of $$ spent. These little boys are eating us out of house and home (hello, 4 gallons of milk a week and 2 dozen eggs!) and they are only 3 and not quite 1! We are going to have to get a cow, and some chickens, and win the lottery if they are going to continue to eat into their teenage years.

With this reality sinking in, along with a clear need for some help in terms of getting my house, life, laundry, etc back under control now that school is in session - I have committed to menu planning every week. Since school started back in August I have been pretty good about it - but it had started to slide, so I am recommitting and making it official by putting out for the world to see.

I bought a nifty book that is really helping on many fronts: Totally Together: Shortcuts to an Organized Life, by Stephanie O'Dea. It was in this book (in October week2) I was sent to : OrgJunkie, where Meal Planning Monday lives. Ahh...the universe telling me to get it together.

So this week looks like this:

Monday: Chicken Souvlaki
Tuesday: Veggie Soup w/ Cornmeal Dumplings, Apple and Fennel Salad, and toasted baguette
Wednesday: Flank Steak w/ Chimichurri sauce and Portuguese Cornbread (Sept 2001 Cooking Light)
Thursday: Green Curry Chicken
Friday: Tacos
Saturday: Home made pizzas (Field of Greens has the BEST dough recipe, hands down.)
Sunday: Cincinnati 5 way chili

Prep for next week - make lots of pesto with the mountain of basil growing out the back door.

I don't have links to all the recipes, as some have no recipes, and others are from the mountain of books on my shelf. I'm working on getting them all posted.

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Carrie @ My Favorite Finds said...

Welcome to MPM! And, to the life of a MoM (Mother of Multiples). I, too have boy twins-they're now 8. I can empathize/sympathize with you on many levels :). If you have a great recipe to link up, please join me for Must Try Mondays.