Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dip in the River

It is has been pretty hot and today Ms Patti decided to take the boys on a special little field trip to the river boat landing at the park after school.  She told us she thought they would be tentative - and it would be a short little diversion.  Not so much, it turned out they went in as far as she would let them and they spent hours and hours.  They didn't even want to stop for lunch.  Finally at 4:00 she insisted that they leave and go get something to eat.

When I got home Gabe informed me they got in the water with Ms Patti.  I asked if it was the pool and they said - noooo.  So I asked if was the ocean - again they said - nooooo,  Was it a lake? - Noooo, it didn't have lily pads.  (well ok then) Then they declared it to be a river.  Too funny.

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