Monday, May 21, 2012

Meal Planning Monday: May 21

Another crazy week on tap at our house.  It always seems this time of year quickly turns into a whirlwind of activity and despite our best efforts to keep it calm and sane, it always happens.  We are trying to keep it simply this week with a lot of easy prep/stand by kind of meals so they can be done without a lot of effort and by whomever has a few minutes in the kitchen to spare!  It is one of those times that I am glad I found Meal Planning Monday over on - a few minutes making a plan helps keep us sane all week!

Monday:  Korean Lettuce Bundles
Tuesday: Frozen Lasagna from Costco (hey, it's easy and makes left overs for lunch - don't judge)
Wednesday:  (new for us) Tofu Stir Fry (recipe coming)
Thursday: Grilled Chicken, sugar snap peas, and roasted baby potatoes
Friday: not sure - I am hoping we can maybe get a babysitter and eat out :)

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