Sunday, May 6, 2012

Snakes and other fun stuff

The boys love to go look for the snakes that live up in the garden rock wall.  This weekend was a little dreary, but apparently it was just right for the snakes to come out.  They found one in the garden and one in the front flower bed.  And despite his fear of snakes, Doug caught them BOTH so the boys could look at them up close.  Now they know that the snake sticks out his tongue and that snake poop really, really stinks!

Gabe wanted to kiss the snake, but Doug convinced him this probable was not the best idea.  He did, however, like touching it and seeing how smooth it felt.  Grayson really liked the way its' tongue darted out - and Reece thought the whole thing was a riot.

I'm so glad our boys are growing up outside, enjoying nature and learning new things about the world around them everyday.  I think (hope) it is setting the stage for a life long love of learning.  It makes us odd man out amongst a lot of folks that our kids don't watch a lot of TV, play video games, or go to movies -- but I think this is really the way kids should grow up. 

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