Sunday, May 27, 2012

Highland Horse Farm

OK, so there are no pictures of horses to go with the title of today's post - but that's ok.  We were at Highland Horse Farm on Sunday and the boys got to putter around the farm free-range style.

We started with visiting the goats (Grayson was thrilled to pet them and feed them leaves) and several VERY large pigs.  (Gabe kept telling us to 'watch out for the poop!')  Then we went up to the top of the property where they got to pet bunnies, play on the pirate ship, and wander in the cow pasture and harass the cows. (and yes, Reece picked up a fresh new cow patty)

They also got farm tours on the Kabotas by two older kids - older being 7/8 years old.  This was probably the highlight of the day.  The boys were absolutely amazed that other "kids" were getting to drive these things around by themselves.  They took us all over the farm and told us about the different things to see/do. 

At one point, Grayson got behind the wheel and promptly told me "lets rock and roll!"  Apparently, this is what Patty says to them as they leave school in the afternoon.  We made a video to send to her:

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