Friday, May 28, 2010

Kiddie Pool = BIG HIT!

Yesterday the kiddos got their first taste of the kiddie pool Doug got for them. It has a little slide and everything. To say it was a hit would be an understatement. They spent almost three solid hours playing in it! Up the slide, down the slide, face first down the slide, back up the slide...then plash, splash, dump the bucket on your self, now dump it on your brother, now dump it down the slide....oh - slide! And it kept going, and going, and going, and going! They spent the entire day (with the exception of their nap) outside playing. All and all I think that counts as a really good day in little boy land. [I'll post pictures sometime this weekend when I have a chance to sit down with the computer and the camera and pull them over.]

These little guys were totally worn out. They went to bed almost an hour earlier than normal - and not a peep. Well, not until 5:45 this morning when Gabe decided he was ready to get up, followed closely behind by Grayson at about 6:00. I don't know how people get their kids to sleep to 8:00. Our boys are up before 7:00 pretty much every single day on their own. Lord knows we are not morning people, so where they got it from is a mystery to me.

Today is a day full of 'hardware store land' for the boys, so they will have fun there, too. I hope Doug got out the door early enough to keep them awake so they will take a good afternoon nap and be in a good mood for him today.

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