Saturday, May 22, 2010

Time Flies - Time to Update!

Life continues to be a crazy whirlwind in the Bowen house. In the last two weeks we have continued to work with Gabe on his transition to the big boy bed. He is doing much, much better with naps. Sometimes the evenings are still a challenge, but I think all in all it is going well.

Both boys are babbling and making new sounds like crazy. We think Gabe might actually be saying a few words, though you have to know he is trying to figure it out. He says (we think): shoes and juice. There are TONS of animal noises from them both. It is kind of weird to even think of them talking - we know they understand us just fine, we've just gotten used to the fact they don't talk back.

Grayson got a good report from Dr H last week and we don't have to go back to check his feet for 5 months, instead of the previous three. He has also now cut or is cutting all of his top and bottom eye teeth. Gabe is working on his now, which makes him grumpy.

We have been working on getting garden ready to plant and today we went and bought some of our favorite heirloom tomatoes from the greenhouse down the street. We got less than usual, but I think we will have better luck with less that can get more of our attention. We are hoping to just get tomatoes, cukes, squash, zucchini, and maybe some beans. Not nearly as much as we used to plant, but having two 2 year olds is harder than anyone that hasn;t had twins can imagine.

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