Tuesday, May 25, 2010

SOL Scores are Here!

Well, once again we took the chemistry SOL - after missing almost two and a half weeks of school due to snow and having our test moved FORWARD three days by the powers that be. Last semester we had 100% pass on the first try - this time I had one person fail, so only 97% pass. They will get another chance to take it over in a week or so - so it could go up to 100, but I am disappointed.

However, I have to give HUGE credit to all the kids this semester that worked so hard. Their overall average score was a 489, that is really good - only two questions away from a pass advance score as an average. They also had 38% of kids overall get a pass advance, which is way higher than has happened in the past.

So I survived my first year at SHS and proved that I wasn't blowing smoke when I told them I can get your kids to pass - and pass well. It is nice to know that I am pretty effective - even when not appreciated (ummm....certain private school on the hill that would rather me use my talents to coach and run activities than to teach.....) This has been a good move for me and my family. It is certainly a lower stress place to work with the majority of people here being really positive and upbeat. There is also great respect for people's need to balance work and family - so I have been able to stay home with the boys when they are sick, go to their doctor's visits, etc. with out feeling guilty or having it held over my head. Oh - and my commute wsa cut in HALF. All and all I think I came out on top - and so did the kiddos.

UPDATE: My one retake did pass the second time around, so I actually ended up with 100% - but I don't think it counts like it would if they had all passed it the first time around.

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