Monday, May 10, 2010

New Slide!

This Friday we got the boys a 'new' slide to have out in the backyard. I found it on CraigsList for $100 (new it is almost $300!) and just had to pick it up after work on my way home. To say the slide is a hit is an understatement. They LOVE, love, LOVE it!

It only took a few minutes for them both to be all over it - climbing and sliding. Grayson seems to prefer the face first slide when he thinks no one is looking. He'll slide on his butt if you ask him to, but apparently face first is much more fun. Gabe was a little more aprehensive about going down the slied at first and it too a few tries with us standing right there next to him, but after that he was all about doing it himself. He prefers going down on his behind. The only challenge is keeping them from pushing each other down the slide when one doesn't move fast eoungh to make the other one happy. But even that seems like it makesthem laugh.

I think you tell by the pictures they were prettythrilled all around. This might be "the" purchase of the summer.

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